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How to train a group of images Using SVM classifier ?

Asked by anto
on 5 Mar 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 13 Aug 2018

I downloaded some codes for GENDER IDENTIFICATION on color images Using classifier But It always shows an Error "mkl_custom.dll" not found.

Kindly help me how to Train a group of images Using SVM(nonlinear) classifier for gender identification.


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Answer by Anand
on 6 Mar 2014

I don't know anything about the code you're using, but if you would like to use an SVM classifier, look at this

Support Vector Machines in MATLAB


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Well, you need to extract features relevant to gender classification from the training images, arrange them in a matrix of predictor data where each row corresponds to features for one image and each column to a feature. Pass this along with training data labels as well as tuning parameters to the fitcsvm function.

sir your comment exactly solve my problem can you help me with code link . that i have a feature vectors and the next step is how to make a representation of this features with machine learning

As Has:


Note: you cannot use binary SVM for this task, as over 50 genders have been described so far.

Estimates for the portion of humans who do not fit into 20th century "western civilization" binary notions of gender vary quite a bit, from 0.03% to 1% to 11%. However, since this task involves classification from photographs rather than actual gender, you need to take into account a different statistic, which has to do with the portion of individuals whose body has features not typically associated with traditional binary gender; the figure for that with regards to those who would typically be considered "male bodied" has been estimated to be as high as about 58% in one autopsy study.

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Answer by anto
on 17 Mar 2014

when i install with "custom settings" deselecting some other shows error like that .

but now i installed full package.there no errors like that. obviously dont know to classify the images with svm classifier.

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Why is this a separate Answer?

What "custom settings" are you talking about? Which package are you referring to?

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Answer by priyanka gadade on 17 Feb 2016

what the procedure to label the training data ? Labels convert feature data into binary form.. plz tell me procedure for Feature to label conversion.


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 21 Jun 2016

Trying to identify gender by image is the modern day phrenology, except with even less science behind it. Gender is internal, and every known biochemical or physical measurement to test gender objectively has been found to be incorrect. At best there are correlations. And as for correlations, I highly recommend reading


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Answer by Tamil Tamil on 13 Aug 2018

how to detect building using matlab?.....pls give me a code

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Please create your own Question about this.

As part of your question, you should define what "building" is for your purpose.

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