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dear sir, i want to take copy move image forgery matlab code..pls help me.

Asked by Akhilesh Yadav on 7 Mar 2014
Latest activity Answered by Akhilesh Yadav on 20 Mar 2014

dear sir, i want to take copy move image forgery matlab code..pls help me.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 7 Mar 2014

This paper was delivered last month at SPIE/IS&T Electronic Imaging in San Francisco: "Copy-move forgery detection from printed images" Irene Amerini, Roberto Caldelli, and others. Paper # 9028-31. Look up the abstract here on page 269: It was part of a whole conference on forensics at the symposium. Please mark the answer as Accepted if that helps you, because I can't give you any source code for doing that.


Did you read the last line of my answer? Sorry but I didn't write any code for you overnight. I suggest you contact people who work in that area (and I've given you links that have all their names) and see if any of them would be kind enough to share, sell, or license their source code with you. I don't work in that area so I don't have any source code for that, nor do I plan on writing any. Good luck.

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Answer by Akhilesh Yadav on 20 Mar 2014

sir i am trying..but there is no kindly help me as soon as possible..i am in trouble.. first i take an image and convert into gray scale image.than perform discrete wavelet perform..the result is tell me how i choose the block from that image...


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