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Numerical Evaluation of Integral Involving Matrices

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Dushyant on 13 Mar 2014
Edited: Dushyant on 13 Mar 2014
I have come across an integral involving matrices while trying to develop a closed form solution for the problem I have been working on.
I am quite confident about my closed form expression. However, my closed form solution differs from solution obtained using simulation. So, I believe that I am wrong in evaluating that integral.
The integral that I am evaluating at t= 0.0300 sec (end point of Gaussian pulse :
I = Integral (I1. dt)
Where I1 = exp(-I0) ; I0 = Integral((A_mo + Alpha_mo * G(t)) dt)
Both A_mo and Alpha_mo are constant matrices (6 x 6) and G(t) is a Gaussian function.
I am also attaching my code where my attempt as well as structures of all matrices are given.
I would like to evaluate this integral for three different value of A_mo (also included in code)
I would appreciate some help regarding this.
Regards, DK


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