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Matlab Connector is out of date. The latest version is 1.2.

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Kevin on 21 Jul 2011
I have just downloaded matlab connector on my PC (running R2010b on windows 7) and matlab mobile on my iphone4. I have done the installation and it is working.
However, after rebooting my PC and start matlab and start matlab connector again, I got this error message on my iphone,
Matlab Connector is out of date. The latest version is 1.2. Please download the new connector from .....
But I am already using the latest connector. Every thing works the first time. Now it stops working.
Thanks Kevin


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Kevin on 22 Jul 2011
Am I supposed to get email from Mathworks to notify me if there is a new comment being posted?
Or the email notification only works for Answers?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Jul 2011
Experimentally it appears email is only sent for new Answers.
Michael Katz
Michael Katz on 22 Jul 2011
I haven't heard of this problem. Two more follow up questions, what version does it say for "help('connector')" and did you have an older version previously installed?

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Kevin on 22 Jul 2011
Just talked to a Mathworks application engineer over the phone about this problem.
One of the things that came up during the conversation is that I "upgraded" matlab mobile on my iphone using Apps Store. So I deteled matlab mobile and re-installed it on my phone. Now it seems that the problem goes away.
I will play around more at home over the weekend.

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Kevin on 27 Jul 2011
No, it is still now working consistently. Every now and then, I still get the same error message on my iphone.
I have added 3 computers into matlab mobile. Don't know if this has anything to do with my problem.

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