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How would I open multiple figures from one script.

Asked by Giuseppe on 20 Mar 2014
Latest activity Edited by Austin Gee on 16 Nov 2017

Hi I have 3 scripts which all produce a figure. They are all graphs. How would i put them all on one script and have all plots displayed as separate figures. I believe you have to use the figure() function?

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the coding format is


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Answer by Yoav Romach on 20 Mar 2014
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Hey Giuseppe, Yes, you need to call figure() in between. You can just call it without parameters and it'll work, or you can check the function page and see what options you can put in

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Answer by Mischa Kim
on 20 Mar 2014

Correct, use figure just before each of the individual plot commands.


thanks for the further clarification

Awesome, thanks for making it so clear, worked great!!!

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