Fuzzy Logic adaptive PID control for ph control of water

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i use Matlab r2013a and want to create a fuzzy logic adaptive pid control with simulink. I want to control the ph value for example i got an input of 10 and the control shall regulate it to get a neutral ph value of 7. I already created a control (but not for 100% sure if the control is right) and used rules for the fuzzy logic which i found in the internet. My problem is how to figure out the right equations to get the control to work. A picture of the control is in the attachment. Does anyone can help me?

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Yarpiz on 12 Sep 2015
An approach is fuzzy gain scheduling for PID controllers, which is presented in this paper:
Zhen-Yu Zhao; Tomizuka, M.; Isaka, S., "Fuzzy gain scheduling of PID controllers," in Systems, Man and Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on , vol.23, no.5, pp.1392-1398, Sep/Oct 1993
Implementation of this method, using Simulink and Fuzzy Logic Toolbox is available to download, in MATLAB File Exchange, in the following link:

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