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Applying Hilbert Huang Transform to a signal or wav file

Asked by Natan
on 21 Mar 2014

I'm trying to decompose a signal (from a .wav file or a from a function) into it's components using HHT but I can't find a correct way to do it. For example: when I have this function x = linspace(0,0.5*pi,1600); y = 0.3 * cos(2 * pi * 3 * x) + 0.5 * cos (2 * pi * 5 * x) + 0.7 * cos (2 * pi * 8 * x) + cos (2 * pi * 12 * x) I'd expect to see each cos in a different component. Using some research I've found this but I'm not sure it fits my needs. It seems to give me the wrong components. I would appreaciate any help (: Thanks in advance,


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0 Answers

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