How can i get a pathname with \*.jpg for an image folder.

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Nithya on 24 Mar 2014
Commented: Marta Salas on 25 Mar 2014
I am using
1. folder_name = uigetdir('C:\Users\Student\Documents\MATLAB\matlab program folder')
2. dirNamev =('C:\Users\Student\Documents\MATLAB\matlab program folder\9.15\*.jpg');
filesv = dir(dirNamev);
to get the folder name, but form 1---> it gives me only "C:\Users\Student\Documents\MATLAB\matlab program folder\9.15". 9.15 is a folder containing set of 11 images. My aim is to get a 11x1 struct as in --->form 2. I want to go for 1st method because the folder may change every time and user may need to make a change. Please help me with some ideas.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 24 Mar 2014
folder_name = uigetdir('C:\Users\Student\Documents\MATLAB\matlab program folder');
filesv = dir(fullfile(folder_name, '*.jpg'));
Marta Salas
Marta Salas on 25 Mar 2014
you can concatenate the character '\':
folder_name = [folder_name '\'];
or you can do:
fullfile(folder_name, filesv(1).name)

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Chandrasekhar on 24 Mar 2014
[fname, pname] = uigetfile({'*.jpg','*.jpeg'})

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