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Accessing NI cRIO-9082 in Matlab

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Imran on 24 Mar 2014
Answered: Friedrich on 24 Mar 2014
Hello Users and Professionals,
I am going yo purchase NI cRIO-9082. Can any body tell me that I can interface Matlab with this RIO system and access all the ports from Matlab. As this system is not listed in the supported hardware list in Matlab.

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 24 Mar 2014
The Data Acquisition Toolbox software does not directly support CompactRIO devices. However, Instrument Control Toolbox can be used to communicate with the CompactRIO controllers over Ethernet using TCP/IP. Read this to learn more. In addition, MATLAB can communicate with the serial port RS-232 port on the controllers. Read here to learn more.
Instrument Control Toolbox provides a graphical tool, called Test & Measurement Tool, which allows you to communicate with, configure, and transfer data with your TCP/IP or serial device without writing code. This tool generates MATLAB code for your device that you can reuse later to communicate with your device or use to develop UI-based applications. The online documentation for this tool is available here.

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