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Is there a way to save gain/damping/overshoot data from a root locus plot.

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So my problem is this - when I use the rlocus() command to generate a root locus plot, I can use the data cursor on the figure to see the value of damping/overshoot/frequency/gain for a given pole position. However, when I save the figure and re-open it all this data disappears and I can no longer do this. Is there a way to save root locus figure so that for example, if I was to open it on a version of Matlab without the control systems toolbox I could instantly see these parameters?

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Craig on 9 Apr 2014
Currently this can not currently be done. I have created an ehancement request to consider this. You could however compute the damping/overshoot/frequency from the (x,y) coordinates of the pole locations.
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Bobalob on 9 Apr 2014
Thanks for the reply, I guess I will just have to do it manually then - would be very nice if they made it possible to do this.
Thanks again

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