Is it possible to insert in a legend a calculated variable?

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Hey everybody,
ts me again with an maybe simple question for you. I have a for loop and calculate some data, which I plot at the end of each loop. Is it possible to define, that the legend will have an calculated data in it? Such as loop one z=1, loop two z=2.5 and so on.
Thanks in advance for some help

Accepted Answer

Chandrasekhar on 8 Apr 2014
for eg:
z = 1;
data1 = [1:10];% data obtained in loop1
z = 2.5;
data2 = [1:2.5:25];% data obtained in loop2
legend('z = 1','z = 2.5');
grid on

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 8 Apr 2014
str = {strcat('z = ' , num2str(z))} % at the end of first loop, z being loop output
str = [str , strcat('z = ' , num2str(z))] % after 2nd loop
% plot your data

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