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How to do a 3D plot of a grid with scalar values at every postion?

Asked by Philipp
on 9 Apr 2014
Latest activity Commented on by IRTEZA ENAN KABIR on 22 May 2019
Hello everybody,
I have a threedimensional array that represents a grid with scalar values at every position. Apart from being a little bit bigger and with non-fictional values, something like this:
A(1,1,1) = 1;
A(2,1,1) = 2;
A(1,2,1) = 3;
A(1,1,2) = 4;
A(2,2,1) = 5;
A(2,1,2) = 6;
A(1,2,2) = 7;
A(2,2,2) = 8;
Now I want to visualize it, that there is a point at every postion with a colour depending on the value of the postion. Something like this:
or like this:
Thanks in advance for your help!


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1 Answer

Answer by James Ryland on 11 May 2017

You might want to try this, it is a full fledged matlab application for visualizing 3D density matrices. It was designed to work with fmri and mri but it can handle arbitrary 3D arrays stored as .mat files. Right now I'm going through the matlab answers looking for questions that might be addressed by this software. Let me know if it works!

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Hi, I cannot load .mat type files by this toolbox

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