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Parpool and matlabpool stuck (busy), but local cluster profile validates

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Jeffrey Chiou
Jeffrey Chiou on 11 Apr 2014
Commented: Stephen Lee on 1 Feb 2016
When I try to use the commands matlabpool open or parpool, it remains stuck at 'busy'. However, when I go to the cluster profile manager and click validate, all the tests successfully validate.
I am using Matlab 2014a. I also have 2013a installed, and matlabpool does not work properly there either.
How do I get parpool working?


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Jeffrey Chiou
Jeffrey Chiou on 11 Apr 2014
Solved it.
If the startup.m function has an 'input' command, parpool will not start. The 'keyboard' command in startup.m will prevent parpool from starting too. I haven't tested other commands, but I suspect functions that require user input will cause this bug as well.
Simple variable assignments in startup.m will not affect parpool. It's a shame because I would like to keep my startup.m the same and use the parallel toolbox.

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Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee on 1 Feb 2016
I had a similar issue with my Cluster Profile Manager validation being stuck on "Job test (createJob)".
Disabling startup.m inputs fixed the issue! Thanks for sharing!!

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