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Simulink.B​lockDiagra​m.getIniti​alStates and Configuration Set References

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Greg on 30 Apr 2014
Commented: craq on 9 Jun 2016
Does setting up a Simulink model to use a configuration set completely preclude the possibility of using Simulink.BlockDiagram.getInitialStates() to interrogate the model? When I try on this simple model, I get the error:
Error using getInitialState (line 20)
A configuration set reference does not allow writing to parameters in the source configuration set
Error in sl (line 16)
Error in Simulink.BlockDiagram.getInitialState (line 27)
I've attached my simple example model. Running in R2013b at the moment. Get the same problem in Linux and Windows environments.
(By the way... since you introduced this new '.slx' model format back like two years ago, you might think about upgrading the Answers forum to allow uploads of .slx files...)

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craq on 9 Jun 2016
I get the same error message for this command:
set_param(bdroot, 'PostCodeGenCommand', 'myFunc(a,b)')

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