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Using colorbar in figure produces unwanted line (seen when ungrouping in PowerPoint)

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Nicholas Valles
Nicholas Valles on 2 May 2014
I'm making a plot that is automatically inserted into a PowerPoint presentation. This chart includes a colorbar.
The figures are more legible in powerpoint when they are ungrouped (basically turning them into a Microsoft Drawing object), but this causes a vertical line to appear above the plot outside and to the upper left.
Here is how to produce this unwanted line:
1. Run this MATLAB code (I'm running R2012b)
clf % Clear the figure to make sure nothing is there
colorbar % Turn on colorbar
2. Copy the figure (Edit -> Copy Figure) preserving the meta information, and paste it into PowerPoint.
3. In PowerPoint, right click on the figure, got to Group -> Ungroup, and select "Yes"
A vertical line will appear in the upper left outside, above the plot.
Does anyone know how to get rid of this line? I looked at the plot handles and couldn't figure out where it is referenced.

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