Preventing autoraising of matlab windows?

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JW on 29 May 2014
Edited: Walter Roberson on 21 Apr 2016
I'm a fan of using Windows in a "focus follows mouse" mode. That is, keyboard input is directed to the window the mouse is in, even if the window hasn't been "raised" to the top. This allows me to keep matlab plots in the foreground while typing into the command window in the background. There are various registry edits or programs like TXMouse that enforce this kind of behavior in Windows.
However, with my recent upgrade to Matlab 2014a (from 2011b), Matlab appears to enforce a autoraise on focus on all of their windows. (This happens only with Matlab windows including figures and the command window.) Any thoughts on how to control the raise/focus behavior in Matlab or otherwise return to my preferred mode of operation?
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James Van Zandt
James Van Zandt on 19 Dec 2014
I too prefer the "focus follows mouse" mode (so I can more easily consult one window while typing into a different one), and just upgraded to Matlab 2014a. With this version, moving my cursor over the screen raises each Matlab window crossed, even if only an edge was originally visible. This often totally covers up both the window I was trying to reach and the window I want to copy information from. Please tell us how to defeat this raise-on-focus behavior.

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