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dir function help

Asked by James
on 6 Aug 2011


I want to be able to list all the jpg files within a folder called videos. Can anyone explain why my code does not work:


I get the error videos/*.jpg not found. Please help


Well you're missing a trailing quote, but that won't give that error. Did you follow the guidelines for the second example of this section of the FAQ:

Jan Simon
on 7 Aug 2011

@James: Please post a copy of the complete error message.

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3 Answers

Answer by Paulo Silva
on 6 Aug 2011

perhaps the bar is the other one?


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on 6 Aug 2011

'/' as file separator should also work on Windows systems too. (At least it does on mine.)

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Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 6 Aug 2011


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on 6 Aug 2011

(Just for convenience issues: fullfile('videos', '*.jpg') is equivalent to your statement and comes in quite handy for deeper stacked directory structures.)

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Answer by Pierre
on 6 Aug 2011

  • Are you in the right working directory? Check with pwd and/or check whether the results of dir (without any parameters) contains a directory called "videos".
  • If there is no file matching the pattern, this error will appear. You won't simply get an empty result (although I agree this should be the case).
  • Did you eventually forget about the case sensitivity of Linux systems?


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