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How do I change the default download directory for the MATLAB installer in R2014a or newer?

How do I change the default download directory for the MATLAB Installer?


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 13 Mar 2017
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Starting in R2014a, the installer automatically tries to download the installation files to the Downloads folder (Windows) or your Home directory (Linux/Mac).If you have size limitations on either directory, you can change the default download directory by passing a -downloadFolder flag to the install script.
On Windows, and example command would look like this:
"C:\Users\Username\Downloads\MATLAB_R2017a\setup.exe" -downloadFolder "D:\Program Files\MATLAB\Downloads"
Alter the file paths in the command above to match where the setup.exe file is located, and where you would like the download folder to be.
On Linux or Mac OS X, this command would look like:
./install -downloadFolder /tmp/MathWorks


This was really helpful, and should be in the main installation guide. My 'downloads' folder is on a network drive where i really don't want to put it
My installation file just starts extracting something to a random directory it won't let me view where while extracting because if I click on the extraction window it just asks me if I want to cancel extraction. I tried the thing you suggested using cmd and it didnt work, maybe becuase the file I downloaded isn't the actual setup.exe and it extracts the setup.exe somewhere else which once again I can't find a way to view where. Is there any other way to change download folder. Also why changing the folder not be an option while installing? Seems like a terrible inconvinience to inflict on your users.

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Answer by Jaeseok Park on 26 Jan 2015

Hello. I am having the same problem. Can you give instructions on how to edit the install script?


honestly, no clue how to edit the install script from my iso. maybe someone answers a bit more precisely
Assuming you're operating Windows, go to the Start menu and type cmd in the 'Search programs and files' box. You will then need to change directory to the location of the setup.exe file you initially downloaded (e.g. type 'cd C:\downloads\_temp_matlab_R2014b_win64' if this happens to be where you've saved it). When the prompt indicates that you are in the correct location, simply type 'setup -downloadFolder C:\temp' as suggested above to install MATLAB in your temp folder (or change filepath as needed).

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Answer by shaa shaa on 1 Feb 2015

When I download I changed the part on computer name and when I go to my desktop icons, its say error 9. How can I fix this

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A license manager error -9 can typically be resolved by re-activating MATLAB. It is not related to the content of this support question.
A support article for license manager error -9 is available here:
MathWorks Support

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