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Packet input block not resetting to zero until new data is sent manually through Terminal in RTWT Matlab 2009b. Please help.

Asked by Naveen
on 15 Jun 2014
Latest activity Answered by Jan Houska
on 16 Jun 2014

I have created a simple model which has a packet input block which stores the received data into the workspace. I have the packet input block connected to COM7 , which is connected to COM1 through a null modem cable. I run the model at a sample time of 0.1 sec and send some random characters from the terminal (COM1). I receive the characters correctly but when I send only a single character once in the simulation time , the workspace shows the same character throughout the rest of the simulation time until and unless I send another character. What could be a possible solution to this , if I don't want this to happen ?


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Houska
on 16 Jun 2014
 Accepted Answer

What you see is the correct behavior. The value of the last received character stays on the block output until a new character is received. To detect where a new character has been received, please use the Data Ready output of the block. A value of one on this output port indicates that new data has been recieved, a value of zero indicates that no new data has been received. You can combine this signal with the output data to produce whatever result you need.


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