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Change with Matlab the background color of a cell in Excel - 64-bit

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Tal on 26 Jun 2014
Commented: Tal on 27 Jun 2014
Hey guys : )
I would like to change the background color and font color of a cell in my spreadsheet in Excel. How to figure out the commands for that can be found here.
Now I wonder, because it uses ActiveX, whether it is possible to use this commands with a 64-bit version of Excel installed. (Regarding to this it won't work, will it?)
In case it doesn't - is there a solution how to modify a cell via Matlab in Excel if Excel is a 64-bit version?
Many thanks in advance! Tal

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Jun 2014
Yes it is. I use ActiveX with 64 bit MATLAB all the time. No special changes are needed. Attached are some Excel ActiveX utilities.
Tal on 27 Jun 2014
Sadly I don't have right now a Excel 64-bit version for trying but I thought so because Excel 64-bit doesn't support ActiveX controls library, ComCtl & Third-party ActiveX controls and add-ins.
Thanks : )

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