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Extract Noise Parameters from images

Asked by Soum
on 28 Jun 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 19 Jun 2019
Hi All:
I'm trying to extract noise parameters from a gray image which contains an object. I did the binarisation then masked the image. I did this because I have the noise just around the object, so I want to ask how can I get the parameters of the noise from the masked image 'around the object'???
Thank you in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 28 Jun 2014
 Accepted Answer

Maybe it has no noise. What do you consider to be noise? Do you have a noiseless "ground truth" image?


on 29 Jun 2014
Thank you I'll see
What do you mean by images being uniform?
------- Image Analyst
I'm not an electron microscope operator so I don't know. Maybe you can use a very long exposure to get the "no noise" case while a very short exposure will result in a noisy image.

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