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Which products are included in my license?

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I have just downloaded and installed MATLAB. I expected a particular toolbox to also be installed, but it isn't showing up in 'ver'. Where can I see if that toolbox is included on my MATLAB license?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Apr 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 12 Apr 2021
MATLAB's 'ver' command will return a list of all installed products, whether they are licensed or not. If you need to see which products are currently on your license, you should reference the 'Products on License' list on the MathWorks website.
To see this list:
  1. Visit , and log in to your MathWorks Account.
  2. Click on your license number. It should be displayed in a table on the top half of the page.
  3. When the page reloads, click on the 'Manage Products' tab.
  4. This will show you which products are on your license.
In the event that a product is listed in this table and isn't listed within MATLAB's 'ver' command, there are four possibilities: 
  1. Your 'ver' output might be incorrect and may need to be updated within MATLAB.
  2. This product may have been added after your installation, or you may have been using outdated/incomplete installation media when you installed.
  3. This product may not be available for your current operating system or platform.
  4. That product may have a different 'Maintenance End Date', and may not be eligible for use with the version of MATLAB that you installed.
For the first option, you should launch MATLAB as an administrator and run the following three commands:
rehash toolboxcache
Close and relaunch MATLAB, and any products which were installed but not added to the toolbox cache after the installation will now be present.
For the second option, you should try redownloading the installation media and perform a fresh installation. Instructions on downloading can be found here:
How do I download MATLAB products that I am licensed for from MathWorks website?
For the third option, a list of which toolboxes work on which Operating Systems can be found here:
System Requirements & Platform Availability by Product
Lastly, if updating your 'ver' output and reinstalling didn't work, and your toolbox is listed on the web page above, you should confirm that the toolbox is available for your release of MATLAB, as listed by the 'Maintenance End Date' on your license. 
Maintenance determines which releases of your toolbox you are allowed to download. You can only download releases of the toolbox that came out prior to the listed 'Maintenance End Date' within that 'Products on License' table.
Typically, the 'a' release of MATLAB (i.e. R2011a, R2012a, R2013a, etc.) comes out in spring, while the 'b' release (i.e. R2011b, R2012b, R2013b, etc.) comes out in fall. To use the R2013a version of a toolbox, the 'Maintenance End Date' will need to be equal to or greater than March 13, 2013, which was R2013a's release date. Since the 'Maintenance End Date' will always be the first of a month, that column should list '01 Apr 2013' or later. 
If you continue to experience problems installing a toolbox or still don't see it in 'ver', despite being licensed for it, you should contact MathWorks Support. We can be contacted through the information on the following web page:

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