stl file rendering is not working can you help me to solve it?

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abu sharique shamshad khan
Commented: darova on 21 Aug 2021
FV = stlread('sample.stl');
patch(FV,'FaceColor',[10 10 10],'EdgeColor','none','FaceLighting','gouraud','AmbientStrength',15);
% Add a camera light, and tone down the specular highlighting
% Fix the axes scaling, and set a nice view angle
view([-500 500]);
Error using patch
Not enough input arguments.
Error in PART1 (line 3)
patch(FV,'FaceColor',[10 10 10],'EdgeColor','none','FaceLighting','gouraud','AmbientStrength',0.15);

Answers (1)

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 20 Aug 2021
Edited: Simon Chan on 20 Aug 2021

You may need trisurf or triplot (2D) instead of function patch.

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