Axis Labels and title not appearing in app designer

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I have created an app where you can change the plot types on the axis (eg line, scatter or scatter with average) and can also choose to add a second y-axis (using yy options) or colour axis. On R2019B I did something like the below example when ever I change the plot variables as if i plotted left and right Y axis and then went back to just a left Y Axis it would keep the right Y axis there and the label, this worked perfectly (please note this isnt the exact code and just an example showing what i mean).
ylabel(app.UIAxes, app.LeftYAxisDropDown.Value)
xlabel(app.UIAxes, app.XAxisDropDown.Value)
Now I have moved to 2020B it wipes all the axis labels and titles even though I haven't changed the code and are still defining them after I reset the axis.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Sep 2021
xlabel() and ylabel() take a string. So after the axes handle, you have to give a string, not the index of the selected drop down list. Presumably the string you want to show is in the drop down list. Here is how to get it:
selectedIndex = app.LeftYAxisDropDown.Value;
dropDownItems = app.LeftYAxisDropDown.String; % Get all drop down items into a cell array.
axisLabel = dropDownItems{dropDownItems};
ylabel(app.UIAxes, axisLabel)
selectedIndex = app.XAxisDropDown.Value;
dropDownItems = app.XAxisDropDown.String; % Get all drop down items into a cell array.
axisLabel = dropDownItems{dropDownItems};
xlabel(app.UIAxes, axisLabel)
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Huw Wadkin
Huw Wadkin on 2 Sep 2021
Hi Image Analyst,
I think the .Value of drop down UI is already a string, i could be wrong. After playing around with it myself for some reason the problem is fixed if I define the plot and then the labels, if I defined the labels first it wiped then the plot the labels won't appear? This didn't seem to be the case on 2019b.

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