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Gaussian process regression optimization

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H H on 4 Sep 2021
Edited: H H on 4 Sep 2021
Can anyone please let me know how can I exclude some Kernel functions from being optimized in the following regression process?
In other words, I would like to only include 'matern32', 'matern52', and 'ardmatern52' in the optimization process to fit a Gaussian regression model to the data. When I use the following code lots of other unwanted kernel functions are also tested.
thisModel = fitrgp(X,Y,'ConstantSigma' ,true, 'Sigma',0.001,'BasisFunction','none',...
struct('Optimizer', 'bayesopt', 'MaxObjectiveEvaluations', 45,'AcquisitionFunctionName','expected-improvement-per-second-plus','ShowPlots', false, 'UseParallel', true));
Many thanks.

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