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Can't delete the cache folders created by simulink

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Tim Darrah
Tim Darrah on 7 Sep 2021
Edited: Tim Darrah on 7 Sep 2021
How do I delete these folders that Simulink keeps creating? I can't delete them from within matlab or file explorer. R2020a and R2021a do the same thing. I'm setting up an experiment and need to run something on the order of 100k simulations, so this is going to be a problem.
When I use file explorer I get admin permission error (it does this for all folders):
When I use file explorer as admin I also get a permission error (for all folders):
I can't even go in and change the permissions to delete them. I just did that but still getting the same error, even though "admin", "authenticated users", "darrahts", <basically all the user options> have "full control" permissions. The folders themselves are also marked read only, and when I deselect that and select the option to propogate the changes to subfolders and files, it does not propogate, and subfolders and files also remain read only.
I need these folders to be automatically deleted.

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