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Projecting a point along normal direction

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So there is the InterX code available on matlab which finds out where two curves intersect.
Basically given two curves A and B,I select a point in A,and then project it along the normal direction.
Then I use InterX to find where this projection will meet the curve B
This is the code i am currently referring to
the projection part is in in line 19-23.
But doing so gives me the following result.So i want to know if i want to project along normal direction,then is this method correct,and what can be done to ensure that points are projected along the normal.
The normals on this curve are as follows
have enclosed the set of points as well as the normals

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 15 Sep 2021
KSSV on 15 Sep 2021
Check the units you are using. They are in degrees or radians?
sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 15 Sep 2021
Edited: sparsh garg on 15 Sep 2021
degree this is how their projection comes out
using angles computed from normals
using 90 degree instead of the angle
projection code is as follows
L1=[x xc;y yc];
the new normals computed from LineCurvature2D ,angles and the subset of spline_pts is as follows

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