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Model token economics (for trading crypto-coins) - advice for approach

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Hi everyone,
I try to build a simulink model for tokenomics / token economics of crypto currencies (I am new to signalprocessing)
only for matlab/simulink and no additional toolboxes.
My questions so far:
  • basic approach: events, discrete or continous? Do I have to mind inaccuracies using different appraoches and solvers? Will this be possible without Sim Events?
  • buy / sell or market behavior - my idea: white noise as a start / for testing
  • integrating / counting the different money pools - I am currently using triggered subsystems
  • setting frequency for market price calculation and setting time window for each buy / sell event. BTW: How to work with events...?
Did anyone do something similar?
I am looking forward to your comments.
I will link the model here and update regularly.

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