Runge-Kutta 4th Order

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Anjani on 26 Sep 2021
Answered: Jan on 26 Sep 2021
I have to develope the subroutine fille called RK4(t, delta_t, y) ; where t = time, delta_t = time increment, y = vector of state variables (2n). We also have to develope the subrotine file called EQNS (t, y, y_dot) to compute the drivatiev of the systme. Main goal of this is to solve this differntial equation.
My question is i do not know what input should i put in MATLab to solve this above equation. Is there any tutorial or video present which explains how to use MatLab for RK4? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Answers (1)

Jan on 26 Sep 2021
This is not a tutorial for an RK4 solver, but general instructions for using Matlab.


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