Insert "epsilon dot" in a figure title with tex interpreter (not latex)

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Andreas on 30 Sep 2021
Commented: Andreas on 30 Sep 2021
Hi, is it possible to insert "epsilon dot" in the title of a figure and keep the Helvetica bold font?
Alt 1: This produces the text correctly, but not helvetica+bold
title(['Stress vs. Strain @ $\dot{\varepsilon}$ ',num2str(erat),'$s^{-1}$'], 'Interpreter','latex')
Alt 2: This does not interpreat the text as I want it (but I get the wanted font :) )
title(['Stress vs. Strain @ $\dot{\varepsilon}$ ',num2str(erat),'$s^{-1}$'], 'Interpreter','tex')

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dpb on 30 Sep 2021
No; the MATLAB implementation of TeX uses the defined special characters and the limited modifiers of ^ and _ for super/subscript; it doesn't implement the LaTeX {} notation to allow the modifier to be applied to a selection.
title(['Stress vs. Strain @ \epsilon ',num2str(erat),'s^{-1}'], 'Interpreter','tex')
is as close as it gets, sorry.
As for LaTeX, there's been angst over its use with font packages for 20 years that afaik has never been able to have been resolved; I've given it up as lost cause not knowing much at all about LaTeX, anyways.
You can get a bold font with text as
title(['$ \textbf{Stress vs. Strain}$' ], 'Interpreter','latex')
but I don't know how to or if you can get the math stuff to be interpreted at the same time...good luck, you'll undoubtedly need it and a lot of delving.
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Andreas on 30 Sep 2021
Thank you @dpb. That was pretty much what I understood from other realted questions on this forum. But I thought it was worth a chance. I think I can live with the "latex font" :) It does not catch the eye as good as the default, but again, it's not the end of the world.

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