Unrecognize position() function

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Mariah Rallos
Mariah Rallos on 8 Oct 2021
Answered: Steven Lord on 8 Oct 2021
I am using a MATLAB R2021b, and I am trying to simulate a UAV scenario. Additionally, UAV Toolbox is already installed. I tried to use this
plat = uavPlatform("UAV",scene,"ReferenceFrame","NED",
But it says "Unrecognized function or variable 'position'."
Can someone tell me how to solve this, please?

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Oct 2021
Looking at the documentation page it appears you're trying to use the "Define UAV Platform and Mount Sensor" section of the example as a model for your code. The first line of that section loads data from a MAT-file. I believe the scene, position, and orientation variables are stored in that MAT-file.
You need to define the InitialPosition and InitialOrientation. See the description of those name-value pair arguments on that documentation page to see what requirements (data type, sizes, values, etc.) those argument values must satisfy.




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