How to Perform an Operation on a Sequence of DICOM Images

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HI i am doing a project on CT data(DICOM) image processing so i need to process(filtering) a bunch of dicom files in matlab for this how can i load and process a bucnh of DICOM files
this is my code i am getting error at I=dicomread(x{1});
CT = fullfile(CT data,'toolbox','images','imdata'); dirOutput = dir(fullfile(CT,'image000001*.dcm')); x = {}; numFrames = numel(fileNames);
I = imread(x{1}); sequence = zeros([size(I) numFrames],class(I)); sequence(:,:,1) = I; % for p = 2:numFrames sequence(:,:,p) = imread(fileNames{p}); end

Accepted Answer

Ben11 on 12 Aug 2014
You might want to look at this to get you started on the right track.
vinod naidu
vinod naidu on 3 Sep 2014
Edited: vinod naidu on 3 Sep 2014
ok i got it thanks for that, if i want convert a bunch of accessed(p 1-20) frames into a binary image how can i convert into it or any filtering operations ,example
X1 = repmat(int16(0), [256 256 1 20]); for p=1:20 filename = sprintf('brain_%03d.dcm', p); X1(:,:,1,p) = im2bw(filename); % here getting error........... end

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