how to get the values from netcdf to ascii format through matlab?

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Girija on 13 Aug 2014
Commented: Girija on 15 Aug 2014
The data is in .nc form (e.g 1) How to extract a grid from this file format? 2) How to find the values of the extracted grid in ascii form?
Girija on 14 Aug 2014
Sir, data is in .nc format ( (temperature data of two years 1948-1949). Its a global data, ve to extract a grid from that data, and the value should be in ascii (csv ) form. I have to read this data and make a average of January month, February month and so on...of two years.
Sir, this data have longitude, latitude, time, and temperature of one pressure level i.e 1000.

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Accepted Answer

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 13 Aug 2014
Check out the names of the variables with ncdisp('') and if one of the variables is lat, you can load it with
lat = ncread('','lat');
Then you can write variables to ascii with dlmwrite.
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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 13 Aug 2014
It is difficult to understand your question. Try to ask a specific question about a specific step that you're having trouble with.

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Supreeth Subbaraya
Supreeth Subbaraya on 14 Aug 2014
Take a look at the function ncread. Here you can specify the indices of the starting location of a variable and the number of elements to be read. If a variavle "var" is a two dimensional variable, then you can use the following line of code:
ncread('','var',[1, 1], [1,1])

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