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Matlab start up very slow

Asked by jidg
on 31 Aug 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Kristjan Jonasson on 5 Dec 2013

Hi, I am experiencing big issues with Matlab startup. First Matlab(2009b) startup (right after booting) is very slow.

total item gap description


 0.00   0.00    0.00   MATLAB script       
 3.64   3.64    0.00   main                
 3.83   0.08    0.12   LM Startup          
 3.85   0.00    0.01   splash              
 4.03   0.00    0.18   mnSigInit           
15.94  405.92    0.00     mljInit           
26.78  10.83    0.00     StartDesktop      
26.78  400.75    0.00   Java initialization 
26.83   0.06    0.00   hgInitialize        
27.88   0.85    0.20   psParser            
28.33   0.24    0.22   cachepath           
30.11   1.13    0.65     matlabpath        
33.71   5.38    0.00   matlabrc            
Items shown account for 97.8% of total startup time [TIMER: 3 MHz]
 version -java

ans =

Java 1.6.0_12-b04 with Sun Microsystems Inc. Java HotSpot™ Client VM mixed mode.

If I close and restart Matlab, then startup is much faster (mljInit takes 6.01 seconds)

It seems that there are something wrong with my java. I tried to update java, but nothing works.

I also tried methods on "" , but nothing works.

any ideas?


Please post this as an answer, Kevin, because saving 8 seconds startup time is a must-have feature.

Kevin's tip works for my R2013b; I don't know why and how my R2013b booting changed from 2sec to 10sec. I definitely didn't change any system preferences.

But disabling "Automatically detect settings" absolutely helped.

Found a little trace on this issue, it's definitely has something to do with VPN software I have used (CyberGhost).

Thanks for sharing

I experienced the same. In fact I did some timings (with a watch), with "Automatically detect settings":

         enabled  disabled
  2012a   11 s       4 s
  2012b   10 s       6 s
  2013a    7 s       4 s
  2013b    9 s       5 s

(these are average of 2 or 3 starts, on a new laptop with an SSD drive and I7 processor)

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