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Asked by huda nawaf on 2 Sep 2011

hi, how I can find the correlation of an array?

I found corr, but it is find correlation between each two columns . how I can find the correlation between rows.

are there command find the correlation among more than two rows?



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2 Answers

Answer by Paulo Silva
on 2 Sep 2011

maybe using corr on the transposed array?!

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on 2 Sep 2011

I think you can transpose your matrix like this
for example you have a Matrix >>X=rand(10) then >>X=X';
and then perform "corr" or "corrcoef"
like >>[R]=corrcoef (X);

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Answer by huda nawaf on 2 Sep 2011

hi, thanks, but I don't know why used rand . for what? please, be more clear


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Rand is just an example, just transpose your matrix.

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