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help needed in image processing functions

Asked by Alaa-eddean hussein on 28 Aug 2014
Latest activity Answered by Image Analyst
on 28 Aug 2014

hey everyone i'm working on a project and i need some help .. i need to group objects together like the one attached, i need all these objects grouped together to one object

i used some processes before

here are the functions used before


Processing.Adj_img(:,:,:,i)=imadjust(Processing.image_gray(:,:,:,i),[ 0.1 0.9],[0 1]);


Processing.img_eli(:,:,:,i)= bwareaopen(Processing.BW_image(:,:,:,i), 100);

Processing.img_objects(:,:,:,i) = bwconvhull(Processing.img_eli(:,:,:,i),'object');

Processing.BWnobord(:,:,:,i)= imclearborder(Processing.img_objects(:,:,:,i), 4);

is there something i can adjust or a function to add to get this done

thanks in advance to any help :)


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 28 Aug 2014

After looking at your code, I have no idea what you want to do, and I do image processing all day long every day. Anyway, there is nothing attached like you said.


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