How to put vectors inside a matrix

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tabw on 28 Aug 2014
Answered: Aline on 28 Aug 2014
For example, I have 100 vectors. I want to put all 100 vectors inside a 10X10 matrix.
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Ben11 on 28 Aug 2014
Do you mean you have 100 1x1 vectors?

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 28 Aug 2014
Edited: Andrew Reibold on 28 Aug 2014
You can make a 3d array where each slot from a 10x10 matrix has its own vector with the following syntax.
matrix(1,1,:) = vector1;
matrix(1,2,:) = vector2;
matrix(1,3,:) = vector3;
matrix(2,1,:) = vector11;
matrix(10,8,:) = vector98;
matrix(10,9,:) = vector99;
matrix(10,10,:) = vector100;
I strongly recommend using a for loop if your vectors are named well enough that you can call them in sequence.
For example, if your vectors were really named 'vector1' through 'vector100', you could do the following and Matlab would do amazing and magical things for you.
for dim1 = 1:10
for dim2 = 1:10
matrix(dim1, dim2, :) = eval(['vector',num2str((10*(dim1-1)+dim2))])
I didn't personally test that, so if it gives you an error let me know and I'm sure its an easy fix or some minor typo I made. Just know its doable so you dont waste your time!
If you need additional help, feel free to comment below and we will see if I or someone can help you. If this answered your question.. yay!

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Aline on 28 Aug 2014
Do you want to create a 3D Matrix?
A way to do that (although possibly not the fastest) would be in a for loop and allocating each vector at a time.
You can assign the vector to the 3rd dimension like this:
A(ii,jj,:) = v1;
Though, depending on what you want to do with the vectors later, it might be easier to access them in a cell array.
C = {v1, v2; v3, v4}

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