is there any way to did not show the grid of pcolor plot?

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Genhou on 18 Sep 2014
Commented: Genhou on 22 Sep 2014
Hi, I have a problem of drawing the pcolor plot. I wonder is there a way to enable a pcolor plot without showing the grid lines, since the pcolor plot becomes difficulty to recognize,if there are too many grid lines in a pcolor plot?

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 18 Sep 2014
I think you should try:
grid off
after you call pcolor
Genhou on 22 Sep 2014
thank you for your reply,but it did not work.
i found another way to do it. the code is : H = pcolor(1:400,1:400, Norm_sumFP(1:400,1:400)); set(H,'edgecolor','none')

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