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Asked by Raviteja on 10 Sep 2011

I have a matrix "TRPfeat".

It conisits values of

TRPfeat =
1.0e+003 *
    0.0398    2.4990    0.0044    0.0010    0.0493
    0.1015    2.4910    0.0033    0.0010    0.1826
    0.1038    1.5180    0.0036    0.0010    0.1250
    0.0733    0.8220    0.0024    0.0010    0.1180
    0.0806    0.7420    0.0036    0.0010    0.1260
    0.0465    0.7490    0.0033    0.0010    0.0789
    0.0295    2.4040    0.0040    0.0010    0.0446
    0.0193    2.4990    0.0037    0.0010    0.0254

My problem is, I dont want to use display multiple of 1.0e+003. Simply I need result with precision 6 digits after the decimal point.

How to do this?


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2 Answers

Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 10 Sep 2011

If it is just the matter of display, check doc format. try

format long g


I need Not only the diplay, the matrix have to store with the formatted values..

It is stored with the correct precision. If you want to store it in text file, you can use fprintf() or sprintf(), for example, string=sprintf('%15.6f',TRPfeat(1,1))
Check doc sprintf for details. It's pretty much the same as in C code.

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 10 Sep 2011

It is not possible with binary floating point numbers to exactly store values that have 6 digits after the decimal point (well, there are a small number that can be stored exactly but not many.)

If you take the values and multiply them by 10^6, round() that, and divide by 10^6, the result will be a matrix that will have the closest possible binary floating point numbers to the ones with 6 digits after the decimal point.


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