Increase number of parallel pools coworker by adding hardware?

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Song Decn
Song Decn on 15 Oct 2021
Commented: Song Decn on 16 Oct 2021
Hi, on my PC with Windows10, i9-10900K, 32GB RAM, i can launch max. 10 coworkers, which is the number I can reach on my machine, no matter what number i setup. But during processing data, my CPU get max. ca. 50% load, which I don't understand. So I am wondering whether it helps to add more RAM (32->64 GB) to increase the number of coworkers?
Does anyone know what is the relationship between CPU/RAM setups to number of coworkers?
Is there any suggestion for which CPU with how much RAM to get max. number of coworkers?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Oct 2021
Check your Parallel Preferences
And check the number of workers permitted in your "local" cluster;
The default permitted is the number of true cores you have -- excluding any effect for hyperthreading. (Hyperthreads that are not sometimes waiting for resources, such as waiting for disk or I/O, can end up making the overall execution slower)
Adding more RAM will not affect the number of workers permitted.
On the other hand, you should expect that workers will take a mininum of 2 Gb each, for the MATLAB image, plus the size of your data.
You should double check: is that 50% that you are seeing 50% of the nominal rate if you were using hyperthreads? Because 50% load measured against hypothetical hyperthreads means that your physical cores are at full load.

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