Extracting character from an excel file

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Hello everyone . Suppose i have an excel file (data.xlsx) , which contains the following data.
Name age
Tom 43
Dick 24
Harry 32
Now i want to extract the data from it and make 2 cell array (or matrix) which will contain
name = ['Tom' ; 'Dick';'Harry']
and age = [43;24;32] .
Please help me . how efficiently i obtain this . Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 28 Sep 2014
The simplest way, would probably be to use readtable and get your data as a table:
t = readtable('data.xlsx');
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Sep 2014
Then, if for some reason you want to break them out separately, do...
name = t.Name;
age = t.age;
I agree this is the best way. You can use tables if you have R2013b or later. If not, (UPGRADE!) then you can use xlsread().
pradeep kumar
pradeep kumar on 28 Sep 2014
i have used xlsread(data.xlsx) , but its only extracting the numerical values ,but i want to obtain both as mentioned above . Please help me out

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