How to find how many intersections in a graph?

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Philip Chen
Philip Chen on 22 Oct 2021
Commented: KSSV on 25 Oct 2021
I made this graph that focuses only on the first quadrant. I am supposed to display the number of intersections between the circle and the tangent and negative cotangent graphs, and I am stuck at this very point. Any help here is deeply appreciated!
x1 = 0:pi/100:5*pi/2-dx;
x2 = 0:pi/100:5*pi/2-0.01;
x3 = 0:pi/100:5*pi/2-0.01;
tanFunc=@(x) tan(x)
cotFunc=@(x1) -cot(x1)
circleFunc = @(x3) sqrt(16-x3.^2);
diff_fun = @(v) circleFunc(x2) - tanFunc(x3);
hold on
hold on
%plot(x2, y2)
plot(x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3)
%Graph Addon
set(gca,'XLim',[0 r]);
set(gca,'YLim',[0 r]);

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 22 Oct 2021
Edited: KSSV on 22 Oct 2021
KSSV on 25 Oct 2021
You caclulate the dimensions of the output from interX. I guess output of intersetion points is a row matrix.
N = size(P,2)
Number of columns should give you number of intrsection points.

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