Highlight a specific part within an image

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I would like to ask how to read a picture, and then distinguish if there is something inside this picture from another picture is also included.
Depending on the attached images , I would like, for example, to insert image 1 and then identify and define the non-smooth part based on an image containing a non-smooth part, I will include it.
The goal is to highlight areas of an image that are rough and smooth in nature.
Knowing that the images of the original sample will differ each time, and the system has to distinguish that area due to the same image of the part.
I hope I was able to convey the idea and I hope to find an answer.
Mariam Ramzi
Mariam Ramzi on 23 Oct 2021
thank you for your comment
Yes the idea is to find specific areas in A (areas of a rough nature) I used B because I could not find another alternative and I thought this is the easiest way, I hope to find a more effective way

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Oct 2021
Try something like stdfilt() or entropyfilt() to identify the rough region.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Oct 2021
@Mariam Ramzi, I did not see your previous code because you did not attach it. In my code, mask is a binary image gotten by thresholding the standard deviation image. The resulting image is true wherever there is high standard deviation (meaning the image is rough there), and false where there is low standard deviation (meaning the image is smooth there). I can analyze your code for the problem but you'd have to attach it.

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