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How to extract the I and Q values from eye-diagram function into separate Variable?

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I have .mat file of a signal and i get the eyediagram of that signal. when i look at the workspace its the 1x1Figure. but i need the values. How can i get it. I have attached the .mat file as well. Please assist
a = load("E:\Thesis\3 mod type\frame64APSK100.mat");
a1 = eyediagram(a.frame, 8);

Accepted Answer

yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 27 Oct 2021
clc; clear all; close all
a = load("frame128APSK100.mat");
a1 = eyediagram(a.frame, 8);
[a3.XData; a3.YData]
[a4.XData; a4.YData]

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