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add Summary statistics on a plot

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How can I add summary statistics on a plot? I have n plots and also I have separetly result of nash sutcliffe NSE and Mean Bias Error (MBE) matrix table (n*2). What I want to do is to put NSE and MBE reuslts on each plot outside the plot box.
hold on
axis([1 s 0 Qmax])
legend(['Qobs', num2str(i)],['Qsim', num2str(i)],-1);
xlabel('time [days]')
ylabel('daily discharge [m^3/s]')
text(s,Qmax,['NSE = ',num2str(NSE(i))])
text(s,Qmax,['MBE = ',num2str(MBE(i))])

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 6 Oct 2014
csoki - it sounds like you want to just add the statistics outside of the axes that contains your plot. You can try the following, which creates two subplots within your figure - the one on the left for the plot, and the one on the right for the statistics.
x=-2*pi:0.0001:2*pi; % dummy x data
y=sin(x); % dummy y data
% create the subplot for the plot, and plot the data
% create the subplot for the statistics
% hide the axes and ticks
% add the statistics
The left axes plots the data, and is is positioned such that it's bottom left corner is at (0.1,0.1) and has a width of 0.7 and a height of 0.8.
The right axes is positioned to the right of the previous one, with it's bottom left corner at (0.85,0.1) and has a width of 0.05 and a height of 0.8. We then hide the axes, and add the two statistics roughly in the middle of that (hidden) axes.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 6 Oct 2014
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 6 Oct 2014
You can use the interactive "Data Statistics" option to add stats to the plot:


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