How can I process a sequence of EXCEL files inside a FOR loop

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i have n numbers of excel files like this : mydata1.xlsx , mydata2.xlsx , mydata3.xlsx and so on . Now i want to process each of the excel file iteratively in a FOR loop . This is what , i have tried so far
for i =1:n
fprintf('Enter the Excel file name \n');
M= xlsread(m);
MY codes
But Its not working . Kindly help me . Thankx in advance.

Accepted Answer

Orion on 6 Oct 2014
You need to do a loop like this :
for i = 1:n
% ask the user the name of excel file (without the extension)
XlsFile = input('Enter the Excel file name : ','s');
% Read the spredsheet by adding the _.xlsx_ string to the Xls filename
XlsData = xlsread([XlsFile '.xlsx']);
% then : code to process XlsData
You might consider to remove the input of the for loop and define your xls files before, otherwise the user has to be ready to write at each iteration, which can take a long time.

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