I want to apply moving average filter! could you tell me how can I do that?

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p = textread('Rainfall of Busan (11.5.1981 11.5.2021).txt');
dt = 1;
totalL = 14611;
T = [dt:dt:dt*totalL];
freqs = linspace(0,1/dt,totalL+1);
freqs = freqs(1:end-1);
I want to apply moving average filter! then what do I have to do...?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Nov 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 16 Nov 2021
That's not specific enough. What kind of filter? How large is the window? Should the window move in increments of 1 or by window-width?

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Answers (2)

William Rose
William Rose on 16 Nov 2021
@James James, everything @Adam Danz said is correct.
But here's an example, assuming you want a "flat" moving average:
x=sin(2*pi*t/100)+rand(size(t))-.5; %for demonstration purposes
M=9; %window width, assumed to be odd
for i=(M+1)/2:101-(M-1)/2
legend('Raw','Filtered','No Noise');
Modify if you do not want output at every point. Modify as desired to handle the edges in a nicer way (e.g. extend the original signal to the sides before smoothing, with x(1) and x(end) respectively, or with a time-reversed and inverted extension, or whatever...). If you want a non-flat window, you have to do a bit more. For example, a triangular window of width M:
b=b/sum(b); %normalize so gain=1 at DC
Multipy elements of b by appropriate elements of x to get filtered version.

William Rose
William Rose on 16 Nov 2021
Here's a method that hadles the edges better, and is more elegant, because it eliminates for loops.
x=sin(2*pi*t/100)+rand(size(t))-.5; %for demonstration purposes
M=9; %window width, assumed to be odd
bf=ones(1,M)/M; %flat window
bt=conv(ones(1,(M+1)/2),ones(1,(M+1)/2))/((M+1)^2/4); %triangular window
legend('Raw','Tri','Flat','No Noise');

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