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Lorenzo Bernardi
Lorenzo Bernardi on 19 Nov 2021
Commented: Rik on 19 Nov 2021
I need to execute a function saving a logfile.
More in detail, I need to add some custom logs into the diary logfile
Currently Im using the following instruction:
eval(['diary ', logfile])
%my function script
%... STEP 1
%... STEP 2
%... STEP3
% 0 (function end without error)
diary off
So, here after the following question:
  1. how add to the logfile created using the diary function some custom logs such as for example: STEP 1 completed, STEP 2 completed, STEP 3 Completed
  2. how capture the "0" end of running section, meaning that the function works without errors, and this value for closing my Logfile.
RESOLVED by using fopen, fprintf, and fclose for generating and append logs to my logfile.
I used a try - catch statment like following::
fprintf(fid, '%d\n', 0); %Right execution set = 0
catch ME
fprintf(fid, '%s\n', ME.identifier);
fprintf(fid, '%s\n', ME.message);
fprintf(fid, '%d\n', -1); %Error catched and appended to the logfile
Rik on 19 Nov 2021
You should post your answer as an answer. Then you can accept your answer.
If you want I can post the code I use to redirect errors and warnings. Those two functions are intended to be drop in replacements for any calls to warning() and error().

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