Use of 2D colormaps possible in Matlab?

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Is there a way to use colormaps in Matlab which change in two dimensions?
If yes, how? And how do you create them?
One example could be to have magitude and orientation of a 2D vector field in one plot.
I have found some examples on other platforms:
Or this discussion here about circular 2D colormaps:
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Dave B
Dave B on 22 Nov 2021
Edited: Dave B on 22 Nov 2021
There's nothing (that I know of) that provides this as a built-in utility in MATLAB, but it's pretty easy to do this kind of thing by interpolating indices into a colormap. For example, to recreate the scatter at the top of the link:
%% Load a colormap and store in a matrix of RGB values
im = imread('');
rgb = double(reshape(im, [], 3))./255;
%% Example mapping
% interpolate to find a color for each x and y, mapping the range of the
% colormap onto [0 1]
c_column=round(interp1(linspace(0,1,size(im,2)), 1:size(im,2), x));
c_row=round(interp1(linspace(0,1,size(im,1)), 1:size(im,1), y));
rgb_row=sub2ind(size(im),c_row,c_column,ones(size(c_row))); % this is the same as the index into im of red values
%% Make some plots
set(t.Children,'XTick',[],'YTick',[],'box','on','DataAspectRatio',[1 1 1],'YDir','reverse')
Marcus Becker
Marcus Becker on 23 Nov 2021
I have created a Git with a working version of the function. It's not amazing code but it works for my needs:
Feel free to use, share, adapt.

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