How to find the contigous coordinate points between two varaibles datasets and do regression

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Karthik M
Karthik M on 23 Nov 2021
Commented: Karthik M on 23 Nov 2021
I have two data variable sets of different sizes, A (chlorophyll) is 4317x3 matrix of lat, lon, and con. data value and B(SST) is 5851x3 matrix, of same lat, lon, and conc. data value. I want to find the coordinates in A data set that are closest to those B.
Then based on the index locations of those coordinates in the B matrix, extract out the concentration values from that correspond to those coordinates so that I can plot A and B concentration data sets value against one another.
The difficult part is to sort the coordinate locations in the A matrix with those in the B matrix, I would like to find the closest possible coordinate locations between the 2 large marice data sets.
please find the attached link for 2 datsets files
I have used this code
F = scatteredInterpolant(B(:,1), B(:,2), (1:size(B,1)).', 'nearest');
A_is_nearest_idx = F( A(:,1:2) )
B_closest_to_A = B(A_is_nearest_idx, :)
I find error
kindly help to sort the variables which was of continuous in order for synchronize and interpolate.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 23 Nov 2021
idx = knnsearch(A(:,1:2),B(:,1:2)) ;
B = B(idx,:) ;
Karthik M
Karthik M on 23 Nov 2021
The attached chlor and SST is of extracted regional MODIS Aqua netcdf time series data
I need spatial regression for chlor concentration data in relationship to that of SST conc.

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